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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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made the 911 call is survived, but -- survived his serious injuries, but two people died in the shooting. the video does capture most of the events. >> phoenix 911. >> i got shot. there were call by wounded jose gonzalez alerted police to the mass shooting that took place at the motel 6 on shot in the chest and the arm. >> reporter: this is lobby surveillance video. man in the shorts is a hotel guest being helped by gonzalez behind the counter. you can't see him. also behind the counter to the far left is a motel security guard. the police report indicates the suspect got into a confrontation in the motel parking lot and fired a shot in the direction of his longtime girlfriend and mother of his kids. that woman
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carrying a toddler with mcbride following her. she shoots the security guard you can't see, shoots gonzalez, and shoots the hotel guests. >> no, i'm shot, i think i'm shot in the chest. >> okay, i want you to try to get your t-shirt and ball it up over your chest. >> i can't move. >> reporter: henned up carjacking two vehicles as he was being chased by police before taking his own life. >> mcbride was june, five people total were shot, two died. 911 calls have also been released after an alleged drunk driver caused a series of crashes near thomas and scottsdale road. a driver called police telling them someone was
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>> he's trying to kill me on the road! >> try and think of where you're at. >> the alleged drunk driver also went the wrong way, ran a red light, hit an s.u.v. and patrol car. more on this story coming up at 10:00. new information on a hit and run crash that left a local veteran in the hospital. police have released more details about the suspect's car. it's described as a toyota a honda. it is tan, gold or white, damage on the front end on the passenger side of that vehicle. 58-year-old ramon releasedis was in a marked crosswalk when he was hit, she in the hospital with broken arm, ribs, and legs. >> being there, watching him, holding his hand, it does, it
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>> and i can't do anything. >> the family says the low pressure system of the -- the license plate of the suspect's vehicle starts with the letter b. maricopa county attorney bill montgomery is talking about the defeat of prop 205. it would have legalized recreational marijuana in arizona. he believes from the beginning that voters would not pass it. >> this particular initiative was had ever made its way to the ballot. i think the courts did not do their job fully in helping to make sure arizona statutes involving initiatives are not substantially complied with but are fairly and accurately complied with. >> he thought measure would have been a lot closer. it lost by more than 80,000 votes. if you're looking to escape
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our northern neighbor. in january, new lease travel company will offer three nonstop flights a week there calgary to mesa. and once a week from edmonton. the arizona coyotes have a new draft pick. joe's pale ale. [ laughter ] >> one week from tonight. the coiols teamed up with san tan brewing company to beer. new american appeal ale is coyotes brick red. flavorful with a citrus hops, it will be available on draft this season at the gila river arena. >> great draft pick right there. a gorgeous sunset taking place right now. sunset alert. colors out there, i skywith the cloud cover in the distance.
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temperatureace s cooler today. winds nice and tall. a breeze this evening as a front passes. and behind that front, cooler temperatures. highs tomorrow that will only get us into the lower 70s. below average temperatures. mostly clear skies tonight. tomorrow morning you wake up in the upper 50s, high tomorrow of 71. who could use an extra especially if you're an arizona teacher. if you air circumstance-12 teacher, all you have to do is make your wish. it's called wishes for teachers, and it's part of a charitable program put on by the fiesta bowl. the bowl will grant half a million dollars now through
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wisconsin appealing a judge's decision to rule that
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from prison by friday. he says investigators tricked him into confessing that he helped his uncle kill a woman in 2005. at least a million more people have now sign up for federal health insurance, obamacare, during the latest open enrollment. trump has promised to dismantle the program. and removing the trump name. hundreds signed petitions saying they were live in the buildings associated with the billionaire. the trump organization sold those buildings more than a decade ago, and the companies say there have been plans to take the names down . a female astronaut is on the verge of becoming the oldest woman in space. a section of the original
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in paris.
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it was a steamy affair on the old set of star wars. carie fisher reveals in her new book that she hooked up with harrison ford for three months. she was 19. ford was 33 and married with two children at the time. fisher says the romance ended when they stopped filming. she also gave ford a heads up about the book, and he received a draft o it is the film that harry potter fans have been waiting for. >> it was a textbook harry potter used at the school written by a character. this is about that character and the beasts he releases when he comes to new york city. one of those beasts is from arizona and just
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>> what's your favorite beast? >> what i love about frank is he's so noble. >> this is rowelling's screen writing debut. she always wanted tori book from harry potter. >> it looks great! >> that's what i'm in for? >> you will enjoy it. >> joend harry potter -- i don't understand. >> really! [ laughter ] >> still a lot of people excited about their team. >> reports tonight that he is not happy with his role and he's asking for a trade. >> he hasn't been himself this
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trade rumors are popping up. tonight the coach asked about the trade rumors. >> what is the situation going on in terms of trafrd rumors, he's not happy, thing was that nature? >> no. >> fair enough. >> there you have it mike smith on the ice tonight. back skating at full strength. >> i think he expects to be really good. he's practiced. he -- for what he expects to play well, and i told him we're gonna play him one of these two games
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first game. >> 8:00 puck drop in calgary. snow in minneapolis, veteran's day off, carson palmer. the 3rd ranked defense in the nfl. the honey badger will return to the lineup. back in practice after missing last week with a shoulder injury. matthew optimistic about playing sunday will play. >> strength weight room, all the conditioning tests that they do with the machines in the weight room and the training room. they're not gonna put him out there if he's not ready. >> matthew's defensive teammate, marcus cooper, did something cool earlier this season. he announced the arrival of his baby girl in april with
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the other child on his left cleat. >> not bad. hear from the new maricopa county recorder and what he said teds to be done to guarantee
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some pictures from snowbowl. breaking news from the weather department. they're gonna open this friday. yep. snow-making machines are working strong. they're just opening up some limited runs like the grand canyon. opening up at 1:00 on friday. how about that. congratulations. cooler temperaturein arc u up in flagstaff, nice sunset taking place. and sunset alert, all the colors in the sky, so amazing with the cloud cover. and temperatures. cooler day today. sitting in the mid-70s. that's where we should be this time of year. a cold front squeezes on by. and we'll continue to see cloud cover off and on throughout the evening hours. ridge of high pressure sliding to the east.
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workweek next behind it, a cold front that will swing through, a little breeze this evening, and clear skies tomorrow morning. temperatures drop into the 50s tomorrow morning with highs only around 71 degrees. below average temperatures mid-40s for thursday. 50 on friday. warmup over the weekend. nice chance of precip will happen on sunday into monday. temperatures below the freezing mark remember we could see some snowfall monday morning, highs around 46 on monday. and is our 7-day forecast, 71 thursday, clear skies, hooking pretty good over the weekend.
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clouds on the increase on sunday. high of 70. and tuesday workweek average. people are hooking to vegetables to satisfy their carb craving. >> and more on a food swap making its way to the mainstream mainstream. >> reporter: veggies made to look and taste like real carbs. spiralidesing and is chopping. this turnid risotto is one of her specialties. >> i've never eaten so healthy, so many different variety of vegetables in my life. i feel full of energy. i'm focused. >> reporter: it's a healthy food trend that's picking up steam and big companies are
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work out of veggie swapping. rice cauliflower made by trader joe's can't seem to stay on shelves. and green giant recently launched a line of veggie versions of carb classics like these tater-free tots, mash and veggie rice. >> rice cauliflower has 85% fewer cal eating them up. >> sales so far are greatly exceeding expectations. >> reporter: alley is capitalizing on the tasty trend as well with a blog and 2 best-selling cookbooks. >> i think it's a testament to the fact that people expect healthier to be easier. >> reporter: and taste just good.
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record. those are real. trying to grow the largest nails ever. she hasn't cut them in 23 years. >> ah! how do you do anything! >> she's a retired grandmother it. takes about a week to polish all those nails. >> can you imagine trying to put makeup on? [ laughter ] >> that's amazing. >> wow. >> i heard you should see her toes too. see you back here at
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the word comes down from the tower. the president-elect tweets the transition is organized and smooth. even his opponents say so. >> i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands. >> pelley: jon stewart weighs in in his first interview since >> i don't believe we are a fundamentally different country today than we were two weeks ago. >> pelley: government safety experts give pilots a visual lesson in midair collisions. and the library of congress honors the motown sound of smokey robinson, calling his


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